Treatment Selection in Ulcerative Colitis: Optimizing Outcomes through Patient-Centered Decision Making
Podcast 2: Assessment of Bowel Urgency in UC Clinical Trials

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An analysis of the results of the LUCENT-1 and LUCENT-2 clinical trials investigating the safety and efficacy of mirikizumab in patients with UC, demonstrated that patients who achieved clinically meaningful improvement of bowel urgency also had higher rates of:
A teenage female patient recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis presents to your office with her mother for a follow-up appointment to discuss her response to treatment with mesalamine 4.8 g/d. It is clear the patient is embarrassed and reluctant to talk about her symptoms. Her mother shares that her daughter has been experiencing increased bowel urgency and must wear protective undergarments while at school. Which of the following is the most appropriate method to assess bowel urgency in ulcerative colitis?
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