Overcoming Barriers to Maternal Immunization for the Prevention of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Disease in Minoritized and Marginalized Communities

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What are some of the risk factors for severe RSV infection among children?
The RSVpreF vaccine currently available for pregnant women can prevent severe RSV disease in infants. Which of the following describes the best time to administer the vaccine for pregnant women living in most states of the US [Note that RSV seasons can vary in different parts of the US]?
Olivia is a 19-year-old woman at 30 weeks gestational age of her first pregnancy. She has taken the Tdap, influenza and COVID vaccines so far. She believes that excessive vaccination could pose a threat to her unborn child. Moreover she believes that as it is now December, it is almost the end flu season and so a vaccine is not really required. How would you address her hesitancy?
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Please estimate the number of patients with RSV that you treat each month:
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Assess the burden of disease associated with RSV disease in infants, pregnant women, and on healthcare systems
Evaluate the benefits associated with maternal immunizations including emerging RSV vaccines
Incorporate strategies to overcome barriers to maternal immunization for the prevention of RSV
Please rate your confidence in your ability to evaluate data regarding targeted treatments for patients with RSV on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 means "not confident at all," and 5 means "very confident."
As a result of this course, I will likely make changes to my practice.
If YES, in which of the following categories? (Please check all that apply)
In particular, as a result of this course, I will be more likely to implement the following changes:
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