Weight Loss as a Treatment Strategy for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity: Practical Strategies for Primary Care Providers

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What percentage of participants in the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) open-label trial  who lost ≥15 kg achieved diabetes remission? 
Francisco is a 57-year-old man with T2DM with an individualized A1C goal of <7.0%. His current A1C is 6.8%, and his BMI is 31.2. He states that he would like to lose weight, as he has gained 17 pounds in the last 12 months. His diabetes medications include metformin and glipizide ER. Which of the following changes to his diabetes regimen would offer him the most opportunity for weight loss and continued achievement of his A1C goal? 
Susan is a 39-year-old woman with T2DM who is being seen for her 6-month diabetes assessment. She appears to be obese, but you do not know her BMI, as she told the nurse that she does not want to be weighed. Her blood pressure is 130/80 mm and her A1C is 8.2%. How should you bring up the topic of her weight? 
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